Meet our team!

Eliza Stott

Founder & Director

Eliza is a graduate zoologist whom also completed honours studying wildlife parasitology at The University of Melbourne. She is currently travelling around Australia and overseas working in all different areas of wildlife research. Eliza is passionate about all things wildlife and conservation, as well as advocating for gender equality in STEM.

Maddy Staff

Social media manager

Hello! My name is Maddy and I have recently completed my honours year in Ecology, where I investigated the effects of fire on ants within the Little Desert National Park (Victoria), which I did in conjunction with Museums Victoria. I have a massive passion for sustaining our amazing planet and for learning and sharing ways to decrease our impact on it. I love spending my time in nature as much as possible, especially when it involves exploring new beaches with my dog! I’m beyond excited to be a part of the WIW team and can’t wait to connect with you all

Kaytlyn Williams

Social media team member

Hi! My name is Kaytlyn – I’m currently working as a veterinary nurse in a zoo in South East Queensland. I’ve been a VN going on 6 years, I worked with in a fast moving general practice for almost five years which gave me the practical skill and theoretical knowledge to move onto working in my dream role. My passion is advocating vulnerable and misunderstood species, educating the general community and students in the animal field. I’m hopeful that once feeling confident in my abilities, it’ll lead me to a teaching role where I can mentor students to achieve their goals. I’m very excited to be working in affiliation with Eliza and the Women in Wildlife team to bring you interesting content and back hard working women!

Jess Morrison

Social media team member

I’m Jess and I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) with a major in ecology and conservation at the University of Queensland. I’m especially passionate about community engagement in conservation issues, wildlife ecology, and conservation/wildlife research. These passions were primarily discovered during my time touring through South Africa with UQ, where I worked with wildlife vets, anti-poaching units and within local communities on conservation related issues (among other activities). I’m also involved in a lab at UQ investigating cryptic and research-deficient Southeast Asian wildlife, using the world’s largest camera trap study throughout this area. Along with this, I’ve enjoyed my time volunteering at Australia Zoo, Hiddenvale Wildlife Centre, and on the Queensland Turtle Conservation Project. I’m doing my honours year working on a rewilding project in conjunction with WWF – Australia, the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, and the University of Tasmania. I’m excited to be part of the social media team, and share all things WIW!

Siobhan Roberts

Newsletter team member

Hey Guys! I’m Von and I’m completing my honours year in behavioural ecology at Monash University, Australia. My thesis is on ecotoxicology and amphibian behaviour which I have completed with Bob Wong Lab, and I have loved every minute of it! In my spare time, I’m usually found hanging with my pets or out on walks listening to frog calls.

Cat Bushell

LinkedIn curator and content creator

Hi! My name is Cat and I have just completed a Double Science/Arts degree, majoring in Zoology and Human Geography. I completed an undergraduate research project identifying and investigating the traits associated with increased extinction risk in Data Deficient and Not Evaluated skink species. To create not only a fair world but one that is sustainable and protective of our wildlife, I believe we must tackle the underlying power imbalances that leave both women and the environment devalued in our society. I have always had a passion for wildlife and for the conservation and protection of our threatened species, and love nothing more than exploring new places and trying to catch a glimpse of an animal in its beautiful habitat. I am so keen to be a part of the WIW team, and to help educate and connect women all over the world!

Kelsey Bell

Newsletter team member

Hi everyone, my name is Kelsey (she/her). I am a grad student at the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada, currently pursuing a MSc. in Biology. I am very passionate about bird ecology and conservation, specifically grassland songbirds. My master’s thesis will examine how cattle grazing can be used to improve habitat for grassland birds. I am super lucky because I get to study one of my FAVOURITE bird species, the Sprague’s pipit!

Originally, I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This is where I completed my BSc. (Hons), majoring in Biology and ultimately where I started my career as an ornithologist. Before my MSc. I spent several years as a field technician on a variety of seasonal jobs, including a position studying Lovely Fairywren behaviour in Cairns, Australia (talk about a dream come true!).

When I’m not researching birds you can often find me out bird watching (for fun), but I also love to camp and hike! I’m also huge into fishing. In the summer, I love to fly fish and in the winter, I’m often out on the frozen lake ice fishing! I’m excited and honoured to be a part of the WIW Team! I hope that by sharing my experiences I can inspire other women to follow their dreams! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out with questions, or even just today hi! – Kelsey @kelsey.inthewild

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