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Women In Wildlife Ambassador Program


I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) with a major in ecology and conservation at the University of Queensland. I’m especially passionate about community engagement in conservation issues, wildlife ecology, and conservation/wildlife research. These passions were primarily discovered during my time touring through South Africa with UQ, where I worked with wildlife vets, anti-poaching units and within local communities on conservation related issues (among other activities). I’m also involved in a lab at UQ investigating cryptic and research-deficient Southeast Asian wildlife, using the world’s largest camera trap study throughout this area. Along with this, I’ve enjoyed my time volunteering at Australia Zoo, Hiddenvale Wildlife Centre, and on the Queensland Turtle Conservation Project. 


I’m Tahnee, born and raised in the Blue Mountains of NSW but now call the Northern Rivers, NSW home. I have a Bachelor of Zoology & am about to start my Cert IV Wildlife Veterinary Nursing. I’m also the Founder of @endextinctionintl, a conservation education platform that I hope to eventually turn into a registered organisation. I worked as a wildlife education manager for several years, and did a 3 month internship with JGI Nepal studying human-wildlife conflict. My goal is to travel Australia & the world working as a wildlife vet nurse & conservationist 🥰


I’m from Northern Illinois in the US, but currently live in Reno Nevada. I’ve been in my current role at a state agency for almost four years now. Education and interpretation are my specialties. I’m a certified CIG and CIGT/CIT through NAI. I volunteer my time on the board of a bug education organization, for my local region of NAI as their webmaster, and I coach for Girls on the Run. 


I am a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only myself but the world around me. This has inspired me to translate those moments and share them through my storytelling as a travel journalist. An adventurer at heart with a curious spirit to explore, my work has taken her to the edges of the Earth. A dedicated David Attenborough and Jane Goodall fan, I have delved into the world of wildlife and conservation travel to bring awareness.

Since first stepping foot in Africa, I continue to be drawn back to the continent I now call my heart home. My commitment to wildlife conservation and community sustainability in the region has led me to work with counter-poaching teams, wildlife vets, community initiatives and more. Rwanda has specifically stolen a place in my heart from when I first trekked with the rare mountain gorillas. I have become an advocate for not only tourism to the region but community initiatives to promote long term sustainability. This has earned me a place as a Board Member for Red Rocks Initiative in Rwanda.

I rate some of my most incredible experiences thus far as gorilla trekking in Rwanda, rhino conservation in South Africa, spending time in a counter-poaching camp in Mozambique, watching a hippo birth in the Mara in Kenya, swimming with humpback whales in Tonga, diving with manta rays off Lady Elliot Island, expedition cruising into the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights and being a part of the inaugural Baining Firedance Festival in Papua New Guinea.

On the side, I am completing my studies to become a vet nurse and look forward to utilising those skills in the field when I travel.



I’m Heidi, I live in Gakona, Alaska, and I’m the Glennallen Area Wildlife Management Biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. I grew up as the daughter of a Game Warden in North Carolina, so I’ve always had a passion for wildlife and the outdoors. As I worked toward a career in wildlife I also gained professional experience as an environmental educator, outdoor experiential educator, and hiking/backpacking guide. Now I manage all of the big game and furbearer populations in Game Management Units 11 and 13, which includes Dall sheep, mountain goats, plains bison, moose, the Nelchina caribou herd, black bears, brown bears, wolves, etc. I supervise 3 staff members and as a team we conduct annual survey and inventory activities on most of those species and manage the hunts to ensure the long-term sustainable conservation of each population for future generations to enjoy.


I’m Rebecca and I am a wildlife vet in Brisbane.  I grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand and one of my earliest memories is planting flax bushes for Yellow-Eyed Penguins on the Otago Peninsula with my father and sister on the weekends.  I have a Bachelor of Science Majoring in Zoology with Honours and a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours.  I worked as a wildlife keeper prior and during my time at vet school, and for the past 12 years I have had the privilege of working as a wildlife veterinarian across a number of wildlife facilities in Queensland.   As well as a wildlife vet, I am also a mother to three little wildlife conservationists, who are learning from a very early age, the importance of looking after our wildlife and the environment in which they live


Hello, I am Lucy-Rose Woods, a final year veterinary student in Nigeria and has a ridiculous amount of interest in wildlife. I’ve handled pangolins and civet cats, interacted with giraffes, camels and rock pythons and I’m doing my undergraduate research paper on Barn owls. I’m open to learning and whenever the opportunity is available, I volunteer at the zoo in my university.


I currently work for a charity that is all about inclusion in accessing the outdoors. I work with children and young adults with disabilities, teaching them all about opportunities in the outdoors, nature, wildlife, and what they can do to help it! I have a MA (hons) in Archaeology from Edinburgh University, in which I focussed on Archaeozoology and extinct species that lived alongside our ancestors. I looked at cave paintings in Southern France and Spain and used them as tools to reconstruct the appearance of extinct Palaeolithic species. After a few years working in museums I decided to take the plunge and try and move in to a role working with animals. I gained a place on the Durrell Conservation Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in Endangered Species Recovery and spent a glorious 6 months living and working in Mauritius. I completed both practical and theoretical conservation work around the island, and gained hands on experience with various mammals, birds and reptiles. It was here I fell in love with Giant Tortoises – they are so “prehistoric” after all!⠀While in Mauritius I completed my project on environmental education and raising awareness of biodiversity with local children. On my return to Scotland I worked in a few zoological collections before becoming Head of Education & Conservation at a Safari Park. This gave me the opportunity to fine tune my presentation, engagement and people skills, and opened my world up to the amazing conservation educators out there.


I was born in Brazil but now I live in Seattle, Washington. I’m a master certified scuba diver, underwater photographer and marine biology student at the University of Oregon. I originally got interested in marine biology in first grade when I did a school project on squid! Ever since then I have dedicated my life to my passion for the ocean. In 2018 I got my first scuba certification and developed a passion for underwater photography. Now I educate and share my experiences with the underwater world while studying to earn my marine biology degree.


I have been a professional athlete since I was 12 years old and competing and training around the world, I even competed in 2x World Junior Championships, and am a 3x Australian National Champion. I recently retired 2 years ago and have pursued a career in wildlife. I am finishing my cert 4 in Vet Nursing at the end of this year and am hoping to continue with Vet Science next year. I am currently working as a keeper at Wild Action Zoo, a small privately run zoo which mainly consists of native wildlife and a few exotics. We have the largest population in the world of Mountian Pygmy Possums and have increased the global population by 2% in just 1 year. Something we are very proud of! I work here as a Keeper, and also as a presenter, going to schools, universities, festivals, etc, to spread the word of conservation and give people the tools and knowledge to peacefully co-exist with our native wildlife, as well as getting up close and personal with some amazing creatures!


I’m a veterinary nurse on the Sunshine Coast, we’re the primary vet team for our local zoo & provide all of the emergency and preventative care for all sorts of amazing critters! I’m lucky enough to coordinate all of the appointments, updated patient treatment plans/ communication between keepers/ vets and monitor majority of the anaesthetics for our exotic patients. I also volunteer for Pets In the Park ❤️

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